nurse stocking product on smart shelves.

See what’s next in interventional suites inventory management

Take action to control your supply spend in the interventional suite.  Automate your processes now with WaveMark™  supply management and workflow solutions.

Gain new insights in the interventional suite.


Making informed decisions.

Real-time data analytics help you make evidence-based decisions that improve inventory management, control supply costs and lower total cost of care.

Reducing waste.

  • Optimize part levels based on true product usage
  • Reduce emotional over-stocking
  • Leverage product utilization data to standardize
  • Ensure supplies are available when needed


Improving workflows.

  • Automate or shorten cycle counting
  • Focus only on tasks that need your attention
  • Prevent data entry errors and improve integrity
  • Enhance clinical documentation and charge capture
  • Reduce your clinicians’ time documenting use of products


Supporting patient safety.

  • Prevent expired products from reaching patients through proactive management
  • Ensure the right products are available at the time they’re needed
  • Enable grab-and-go workflow for your clinicians so they can focus on patient care
  • Quickly search for and find expiring & recalled products on your shelves

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